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School yearbook pictures of celebrities

Celebrity Yearbook Photos | Funniest Hollywood Yearbook Pictures (Page 58)Sean Penn


Madonna & Sean Penn its hard to believe he beat her for 9 hrs and she came out of it alive and in Truth or Dare stating he was still up to that point the love of her life.

I shot Racing With The Moon with Sean Penn in Mendocino, California. We got engaged after finishing the film but were both very young – I was 22. It was too soon, which I sort of knew. We were together on and off for two years

Tom Cruise and Sean Penn in 1981 Wow is this vintage! Must be from around "Taps". Loved that movie and saw it dozens of times back then

from Mail Online

Actor in training! A young Bradley Cooper puts a question to Sean Penn on Inside The Actors Studio

24 year old Bradley Cooper asks Sean Penn a question on "Inside The Actors Studio"