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Sean Meaning

LOVE is in small things

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sean - means things that he would like


These 47 Photos From The Past Prove That People Used To Be Ridiculously Classy.

The 50 Classiest People From The Past. I Wish We Were Still This Cool...


PANIC Director @mtvnotbullets (Sean Spencer) will also be on @SimmyKingShow @WandsworthRadio tomorrow 1pm (Fri 2nd Sept) - It is said that now is the best time for artists to create their own work. But what does that mean? Come hear from Writer/Director Sean Spencer about the ins and outs of the independent film industry. He will discuss what it means to create your own project(s) and everything that goes into making an independent film in today's market plus more…

Superb Cast and Director make this one of the best G-Men films =>> The Untouchables: G-Man Eliot Ness will stop at nothing to take down legendary gangster Al Capone -- even if it means bending some rules -- in director Brian De Palma's period crime drama penned by playwright David Mamet.


Birth Date Correspondences: Born on the 7th | #birthcorrespondences #bornonthe7th