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Sean Hannity - There Are Three Tapes The Obama Administration Is Holding Onto Including Audio Of Tyrone Woods Begging For Air Support (Dems don't care b/c Obama's cool. Lying 2faced cowards aren't cool.)


I don't think that word "persecuted" means what he thinks it means...Sean Hannity has been drinking the FOX "News" kool-aid too.

from Tea Party

Fox News Star Rails Against Republicans 'Sabotaging' Trump - Tea Party News

The Republican establishment is furious at the success of conservative businessman Donald J. Trump. It’s clear that no establishment candidate can earn enough delegates to win the GOP nomination before the RNC meets in Cleveland.

Heathens - ..:Take It Sløw:.. | twenty øne piløts |-/


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~~Team Rachel!~~ Sean Hannity. Rachel Maddow.

FLASHBACK: Watch Michelle Obama Slam Hillary Clinton For Bill's Infidelity | The Sean Hannity Show