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The remains were not his. Sean, son of Errol Flynn, went to Vietnam as a photojournalist for TIME, he was known to hang out with John Stienbeck's son while there. He went with US Army Special Forces Units into the thick of things to get photos, tragically he disappeared in Cambodia and has never been seen again. It's presumed he was captured & killed by the Communist Khmer Rouge.

Dana Stone, combat photographer during Vietnam War was captured on April 6, 1970 along with Sean Flynn (son of movie star Errol Flynn), and remains of either man never found.

from the Guardian

Shaped by War: Photographs by Don McCullin

Don McCullin is one of the greatest war photographers. This is just one of many, many of his images. They are stunning.

Sean Flynn (1941-1971) American photojournalist for Paris-Match, Time-Life and UPI, In 1966, Flynn was wounded in the knee, then parachuted in with 101st Airborne. He covered the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 and returned to Vietnam in 1968 with plans to make a doco. After heading into Cambodia in 1970 on a motorcycle with colleague Dana Stone, he was believed killed by the Khmer Rouge. seen here in Vietnam (1969)

Carole Lombard in the middle with Marlene Dietrich on her right, on her left is Lili Damita with her young husband Errol Flynn.

from the Guardian

Remains found in Cambodia thought to be of Errol Flynn's son

Sean Flynn. Dana Stone . Sean Flynn was Errol flynn son who was either a journalist or a photographer who was eventually missing in Vietnam and was probably killed

Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now. The movie borrowed heavily from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Michael Herr's Dispatches. Hopper's character was modelled after the crazed, talented photojournalists described by Herr -- Tim Page, Sean Flynn and Dana Stone. Hopper was a photographer in his own right.