Sealyham Terrier breed standard illustration: Long, broad and powerful, without coarseness. It should, however, be in perfect balance with the body, joining neck smoothly. Length of head roughly three-quarters height at withers, or about an inch longer than neck. Breadth between ears a little less than one-half length of head. stop. Cheeks - Smoothly formed and flat, without heavy jowls. Jaws - Powerful and square. Nose - Black, with large nostrils. White, cherry or butterfly bad faults.

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Sealyham Terrier | ccho | Flickr

Hund Inside Auto Aufkleber Inside Aufkleber: Sealyham Terrier

Gary Cooper, with his dog the breed is a Sealyham. Many classic actors loved this breed, but alas the Sealyham is very rare...

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April 1936 ~Front Cover Illustration of "Dog Health" Magazine .... Sealyham Terrier ....

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