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Break a sponge in half, and two grow. More than a colony, less vulnerable than a tissue-based creature. Tube Sponge (Aplysina fistularis).

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Sea Wool Sponge 5"-6" Cut

Free Shipping 5-6" Sheep Wool Sea Sponge Cut by TropicalSeaSponges, $10.00

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Purple barrel sponge, super pretty. If you take your camera, shoot as close as possible to the sponge, and use a will end up with an image much, much cooler than this

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How to Clean Sea Sponges Found on the Beach

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Sponge - A beautiful Haliclona sp. specimen from Chek Jawa, Singapore. Haliclona permollis showing multiple chimneys of a single individual sponge. Seawater is pumped continuously through a sponge by the beating activity of flagella that line the internal cavities. Water is drawn into the sponge through many small intake openings located on the outside surface and is released from exhalent openings on chimneys and vented away.

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Either something just took this guy by surprise, or he's an underwater Cookie Monster look-a-like! This Caribbean sea creature is called the stove-pipe sponge. (photo: MAURICIO HANDLER/NAT GEO CREATIVE/CATERS NEWS)

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