TOGETHERNESS : Sea Otters hold hands while sleeping to keep from drifting apart. At one point they drifted apart, letting go of their hands. They both woke up, searched for each other, and got back together. Then while holding hands, they fell asleep again. |

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Did you know that otters hold hands to keep each other from floating away? | 15 Reasons To Feel Seriously Amazing Right Now

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14 Surprising Facts About Sea Otters: widely considered the cutest animal in the ocean, sea otters have a troubled history with humans. Let’s celebrate these adorable creatures!

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"Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?" (Check out my book, Finding A Forever Home on Amazon. 37% of profit goes to no-kill animal shelters.)

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Did you know also know that sea otters will find baby seal pups drag them in the water rape and drown them. Then after that they keep the dead pup around and rape it for days after. Not so cute now huh. -_-

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Cutest fact that ive seen so far :) WTF-fun-facts : funny weird facts ( Hermione whose patronus is an otter also holds hands with Ron when they sleep). :)

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