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Black History Scrapbooks: A Unique Look at the Past William Henry Dorsey never imagined that there would be a National Scrapbooking Day (May 4), and most present-day scrapbookers probably never have heard of Dorsey. But Dorsey, the son of an escaped slave, was one of the most prolific scrapbook makers in the United States.

Scrap book of early life of a WWII era American couple. It is titled "The Courtship of Dick and Aggie, plus memories of the War Years." Aggie was a dedicated scrapbook maker and kept tons of lovely and charming pieces of ephemera documenting her early courtship and marriage to a young American soldier. There are about 104 pages and 182 items of ephemera dating from about 1941 to 1945.

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Everyday - Mixed Paper Art Journal

Everyday - Mixed Paper Art Journal | by CreativePlace, an indie journal & scrapbook maker on Etsy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Johnny Rotten (John Lydon of The Sex Pistols) has a new, giant scrapbook? THIS ought to send the "Glitter Scrapbook Makers" screaming from the room.....


Pinterest Aims at the Collector Hidden Inside All of Us

A Site That Aims to Unleash the Scrapbook Maker in All of Us [The NYTimes introducing Pinterest]


This time Evelyn Yusuff, our scrapbook maker, mixed two very interesting themes into one layout — floral and coffee! Interesting, right? Learn more about this scrapbook inspiration on our blog.