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Scott Kelly Astronaut

The Earth view from the cupola onboard the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted this image with a comment on May 14, 2015: “My first look out the window today.

from NASA

Jeff Williams Racks Up New Time-In-Space Record

Jeff Williams Racks Up New Time-Spent-In-Space Record

The picture was taken by Astronaut Scott Kelly on August 9, 2015, the 135th day of his one-year mission in space on the International Space Station. The Milky Way stretches the curve of Earth in the scene that also records a faint red, extended airglow. The galaxy's central bulge appears with starfields cut by dark rifts of obscuring interstellar dust. Since November 2000, people have been living continuously on the International Space Station.

from Entertainment Weekly's

Astronaut Scott Kelly's Memoir Being Developed as a Movie

Movies: Astronaut Scott Kelly's memoir being developed as a movie for Sony

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from The Telegraph

Young man stunned by rare 'rainbow cloud' in Costa Rica

Astronaut Scott Kelly's best pictures from the International Space Station - Telegraph


‘UFO’ Captured In Photo Of Earth Taken From The ISS

‘UFO’ Captured In Photo Of Earth Taken From The ISS - Yahoo News UK

Scott Kelly snaps photos of Earth and the galaxy from space – in pictures

from Mail Online

Incredible image captures the Earth, moon AND Venus from the ISS

Posting the images to Twitter, astronaut Scott Kelly wrote: 'Day 166. #Venus photobombed the #Moon tonight. Good night from @space_station! #YearInSpace.' This image shows the curvature Earth, the moon and Venus behind it as well as part of the International Space Station in the foreground

Moonlight over Italy. #BuonaNotte Good night from @ISS! #YearInSpace. --Astronaut Scott Kelly from the International Space Station