I found this so true... I hate it so fucking much I always get the short end of the stick...

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"I'm sorry" are bitter words for the Scorpio Man to taste. Have you ever seen a child desperately trying to avoid the dreaded spoon with medicine on it that Mommy is holding? Such is their stubborn resistance to admitting their mistakes. Rather you will be awarded a generous gift or an enormous favor will be granted without you needing to ask for a single thing.

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Yes, all these traits live inside this magnetic individual. However, he can also be intensely frustrating at times. One sunny day you will be left wondering what happened when your normally affectionate Scorpio Man suddenly becomes silent and withdrawn. The drawbridge has been shut and the moat is filled with sharks. Access denied! Be patient and trust your brooding man. He knows you love him and once he exorcises his demons, your passionate lover will return.

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