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I get compliments all the time on my eyes. It's more that the fact that they're 2 different colors. It's the Scorpio in me

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Scorpio: Give them and they will return it with interest. Once you’ve been part of their lives they will never forget you. - WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope!

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my cancer man can read my eyes like a book, he can also hear most of my thoughts as if I said them out loud. (being together for 14 years will do that to a scorpio/cancer couple ;) )

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not meanly... just a "you know we know this, so..." kind of smirk. with twinkling eyes.

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@Megan McCall l i'm sure mr darcy would think of certain pair of "glorious eyes, deep-pooled and fraught with intelligence..." *ahem*

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