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Scientific Name Of Human

I love your big Yellow Eyes and they are curious enough to watch you tireless. I came across with this little Spotted Owlet in Gir forest. The spotted owlet (Scientific name: Athene Brama) is a tinny owl which breeds in tropical Asia from India to Southeast Asia. A common resident of open habitats including farmland and don't mind staying with human habitation so has adapted to living in cities too. They roost in small groups in the hollows of trees or in cavities in rocks or buildings. It…


Language could refer either to the specifically human capability for effort and victimization complicated systems of communication, or to a selected instance of such a system of complicated communication. The scientific study of language in any of its senses is named linguistics.For more info please visit our website-

Awww. Lonely mutant snail finds love with matchmaker's help - CNET Enlarge Image Jeremy gets acquainted with Lefty. Angus Davison Jeremy is a common brown garden snail with a twist. His shell spirals anti-clockwise as compared with the clockwise spiral of almost all of his kin making him an outlier in a world of right-coiled snails. With a little help and lot of love Jeremy now has a perfect match…

The human Skeleton. Learning the names for the bones you will find in the human skeleton please like our Facebook page


An entry from With Hands and Hair

She’ll speak to the dead with her head on one side, Punctuate conversations with the roll of her eyes, For jokes loose their bite once the dust takes my teeth And laughter is dry without a tongue or lips and speech. -Carol J Forrester

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Here Is The One Perfect Book For Every Single Myers-Briggs Type

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32 Totally Not Weird Non-Sexual Fetishes You Might Have

Most people hear the word fetish and automatically thing it's sexual, but that is not always the case. In reality, all a fetish means is that you like something very much.Here are 31 fetishes that have nothing to do with sex.