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Rock Cycle Interactive Notebook

from The Science Penguin

Primary Interactive Science Notebook Activities

The Science Penguin: Primary Interactive Science Notebook Activities -Frog life cycle -Sorting leaves -Lunar cycle -Etc.

from The Science Penguin

Thinking about starting Interactive Science Notebooks

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Cell Structure, Function & Cellular Processes - Science Interactive Notebook

Over 30 interactive science notebook activities for cells! Characteristics and needs of life, levels of organization, cell theory, microscope parts, Robert Hooke, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell comparison, cell organelle structure and function, osmotic solutions, cellular respiration and photosynthesis, mitosis, active and passive transport, and MORE!

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Earth's Atmosphere - Interactive Science Notebook

Five Layers of the Earth Atmosphere Interactive Notebook Page

from The Science Penguin

NEW: Science Notebooking Videos

Science Notebooking Video 1. Lunar Cycle 2. Rock Layers 3. Energy Cards 4. Volcano Facts 5. Sunflower 6. Vocab Lenses 7. Erosion Causes 8. Photosynthesis 9. Gravity