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Fossilised spider 'biggest on record'

Fossilised spider 'biggest on record' The female, which lived about 165 million years ago, belongs to a collection of spiders well known today - the golden orb weavers. Until this new fossil turned up in Inner Mongolia, the most ancient example from this grouping, or genus, was about 35 million years old.

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BrainstormPsychology on

Learn about what's going on in our heads today. #science #selfhelp

Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier - 'Thrilla in Manila' -

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Sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to blame fat for heart disease

How the sugar industry paid prestigious Harvard researchers to say fat (NOT sugar) caused heart disease

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Dinosaur's camouflage pattern revealed

Dinosaur's camouflage pattern revealed - BBC News


Why Luck Plays a Big Role in Making You Rich

Why Luck Plays a Big Role in Making You Rich - Bloomberg


EXCLUSIVE: MILE-LONG monster asteroid heads towards earth TODAY

A MONSTER mile-long asteroid that could cause global devastation if it struck…