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Wedding guest chokers are totally a thing

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A primitive ocean on Mars held more water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean, and covered a greater portion of the planet’s surface than the Atlantic Ocean does on Earth, according to new results published today.

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Sugar Water Density Rainbow Science Experiment

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Fossilised spider 'biggest on record'

Fossilised spider 'biggest on record' The female, which lived about 165 million years ago, belongs to a collection of spiders well known today - the golden orb weavers. Until this new fossil turned up in Inner Mongolia, the most ancient example from this grouping, or genus, was about 35 million years old.

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Make a teddy zip wire

Learn about the effects of friction and gradient on speed with our teddy zip wire.

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Scented Rainbow Science and Sensory Play

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How to Make Straw Rockets

STEM Activity for Kids: How to Make Straw Rockets (w/ Free Rocket Template)- Fun for a science lesson, outdoor play activity, or unit on space! ~

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