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Higgs Boson re-explained

I'm not ashamed to admit that stuff makes more sense to me when it's packaged in a cartoony format. PHD Comics: The Higgs Boson Re-Explained

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Bees vs. wasps #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

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Nasa marks 50 years of space photography - in pictures

A dying star throws a cosmic tantrum in this combined image from Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope and the Galaxy Evolution Explorer. The star's dusty outer layers are unraveling into space, glowing from the intense ultraviolet radiation being pumped out by the hot stellar core. This object, called the Helix nebula, lies 650 light years away in the constellation of Aquarius

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Summaries of Spacetime, Relativity, and Quantum Theories for beginning and advanced visitors, with Links to the Best Websites on Space,Time, Einstein's Relativity, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Physics, Dark Matter and Energy, plus a discussion of the possibility that we live in an essentially atemporal universe.

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Nick Fury Has Some Motherf*cking Memos For The Motherf*cking Avengers

Last time we had drunk science tony tryed to make a tiny suit for me witch to be honest I was pretty excited about untill I got stuck... again

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Truth: One time I used the word “disingenuous” in a sentence and a guy told me he was surprised I knew such a “big word” because “most girls wouldn’t.” ????

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Cool Art: Rogue One by Matt Ferguson | Live for Films

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