Recycled plastic art | Anya Beaumont "Recently I worked with children from a local primary school to create this beautiful installation of rainbow trees. Initially I asked the children and staff to bring in any non-recyclable plastics they had at home or in school.... I talked to the children about the importance of thinking about what happens to an object after it has been used, and whether we really need many of the plastic items that seem to break so easily. We also discussed

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exiety: ​{ 27.09.15 } » re-upload // I’m exhausted, and I still can’t shake this never-ending feeling that I don’t do nearly enough work. ✂️

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A little while ago I came across a class over at Creative Bug that really inspired me to get back into playing in my sketchbook! I was looking for a fun art project that my daughter and I could work on together and discovered Lisa Congdon’s wonderful Sketchbook Explorations courses. They have really inspired both of us to start playing in our sketchbooks, in fact my daughter has nearly filled hers with doodles, patterns and drawings over the past month!

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harleylovequinnson: creativewoman88: linestorm: Fighting Words Active verbs to use in a fight scene or an otherwise violent encounter, color-coded by severity (with red as most intense and purple as most mild), and categorized by type of fight. harleylovequinnson, this might help you if you ever want to write your spy/ninja stuff again!!! I don’t know about you, but I hate writing fight scenes for this very reason; I could never come up with the words. It’s one of the hardest things…

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OMG! This place is in Minneapolis!! :). ///I need this place to be near me but I'm not in Minneapolis!!!

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In het 1ste leerjaar, leren de kinderen het verschil tussen links en rechts. Eenmaal ze dat wat onder de knie hebben, komen ze er ook achter dat als je dit in een spiegel doet dat de andere eigenlijk net het omgekeerde doet. Met dit spelletje kunnen ze dit verder oefenen op de speelplaats. De kleuren maken het hen wat gemakkelijker. More

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"I just have no way to make friends, I'm surrounded by people near constantly, but I have no friends" I thought it was only me <3

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You can get this vintage green 1940s bus to Agatha Christie's house Greenway, near Brixham, South Devon

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Another pinner wrote..."This is what happens when the production crew lets me have the car and some time to myself. Aberlemno, Scotland, near Forfar, inland from Carnoustie. Pictish ruins right by the country highway, down the street from a grade school. This stone likely 8th century A.D. (And it was a stick, right-side drive. So there.)"

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