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The best school libraries display books with front covers with mini reviews. Saw this in a great school @ectonbrookpri Photo - Jane Considine | Lockerz


Library challenge cards - Get pupils excited about reading and properly engaged with books using this series of activities and challenges.


My first article was filled with tidbits to consider regarding the use of iPads, but now I can write about the fun part- the apps! For the last few years, I have been on the hunt for fun, useful, friendly, and most importantly, free, apps. There are thousands of applications to sift through, but with …


National Poetry Month It's about showcasing the gems in your poetry collection that haven't been circulating and need some attention. While I noticed that the website for National Poetry Month focu...


I have been using centers in the library for several years now and absolutely love them.  They work really well at giving students choices of activities to do after the lesson and checking out new books.  Now that I have 50-minute library classes as part of the Special’s rotation, this has proven to... Read more


The Centered School Library- links to Mrs. Lodge's adopt a shelf program on TPT and other good sources from other creators