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Hey guys! I'm Daniel! I'm 17 years old, 6'2, single, pansexual genderfluid, and I'm a YouTuber. I have three dogs, a cat, and horse. I have depression, anxiety, and social anxiety. My father has verbally abused me all my life and I never really feel good about myself. Intro?

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Dye your hair man

cool Dye your hair man... by

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indie scene hair | Tumblr. Give me a longer version of this hair. GIVE IT TO ME

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I love this color! Could never wear it myself but if I could this is what I'd pick!

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15 Cute Emo Hairstyles For Girls 2015

If you looking at a girl who just crossing eighteen to twenty six age level did not try to embrace a emo hairstyle. But things are not so easy they way they think. Because there is matter of suit as all hairstyles does not suit all. However, some tend to choose the wrong emo hairstyles for their beautiful hair what makes them to look like a clown. #Cuteemohairstylesforgirls #Emohairstyle

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This was it for Gary..he couldn't never go back to being a guy...his long hair curled and dyed pink..he'd been feminised beyond his own recognition as he walked to the car. He felt so girly and sissy , his mother had promised to introduce some nice boys to him as potential boyfriends ....he couldn't wait !

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