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This is SO accurate! Made me giggle I'm a first born for my mum and dad and also a middle born due to my mums previous.... I am a blend of both according to this!! And describes me very well! My boyfriend is a last and described him perfectly!!!!


Not a book, but this site has samples of nature sounds like animals. Good resource when reading about an animal and want to know what it sounds like.

Scary sound effects-mcdonald -cassette

Oh my... How I loved watching my baby wyatt & little Amber dance to this cassett! McDonalds 1995 Halloween Happymeal Tapes (Scary Sound Effects), via YouTube.

Man skal være 12 år :: Scary Sound effects features some of the most downloaded scary sounds at the touch of a button. Simply tap one of the horror themed buttons to play a sound. - Perfect for playing pranks and scaring people - Tons of scary sounds - Updated often - Horror themed buttons

Download IPA / APK of Scary Sounds Free Sound Effects Boards for Free -

You outdone yourself in destroying trust with me...your efforts towards the destruction of anything worth building on or holding onto even is truly remarkable...remarkably toxic and scary to witiness.