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Scarification after it heals! Turned out nicely on her, although I wouldn't get scarification on my face, it seems as though it would take forever to heal.


Here is some scar work on a young, Native American girl. In her Blackfoot tribe it is customary to have a line scarred around their arm for each year they’re alive. It is known as Ponn Miistis, which literally translates to “the rings of a tree”. When they run out of room on one arm they move to the other, then the legs, but apparently their average life expectancy is only 43."


namesofthedead: Beginning something interesting - pattern and dotwork around healed scarification by @christianepinpoint #lucky7oslo


tattoo and scarification, as much as I disagree with scarification, anyone who gets it done has balls of steel. props to people who can handle that kind of pain and upkeep..


If I could be sure I would heal this cleanly I would be literally throwing money at my artist.


#Scarification by #LukasZpira , first day VS one month healed ❤️. #nofilter

Been meaning to share a picture of these now that they are both just about healed. I love them more than Ron Weasley loves the Chudley Cannons. As always, @oldmanwagner does it again. Thank you sir! (Note: My Snape/Lily Patronus has green eyes. )


Healed Scar / ink rubbing By @leahstanmore #scarification_artists…


Scarification - My fiance loves scars. they are stories that will always linger... they make you unique and they will never leave you. He finds them beautiful. I would love to do this instead of tattooing our wedding bands (which fade in time) (Do scarring after honeymoon and photos. Wear rings on chain around neck until heal.)

from Tattoo Spirit

Looks like it hurts (Warning: Graphic)