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Scar Removal Surgery

Baby Girl Undergoes 5 Hours Life-Saving Surgery After Skull Fuses Together (See Photos) Whatsapp / Call 2349034421467 or 2348063807769 For Lovablevibes Music Promotion A baby girl has undergone life-saving surgery after medics discovered her skull had fused together in the shape of a Mercedes Benz badge. Little Sophia Morgan was born with a rare condition which causes the bones of the skull to close before the brain is properly formed. It is commonly referred to as Mercedes Benz…

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Healing Scars Naturally: Which Remedies Work Best?

Healing scars naturally #skincare #healthyskin


And for god sakes, don't ask every woman of child bearing age when they are having kids. That's really painful if you likely can't. Oh and your chances get lower every day of your life, because you have more scar tissue building from it...


Self Care tips after surgery. Breath, Mindfulness, and meditations. Manifest your reality through self-affirmations. Fuel your body to fuel your mind with diet and exercise. Self Meditation guide for scar removal and care. Laparoscopic Surgery Recovery belly band, abdominal binder, support belt, for biopsy, tumor, cancer, hernia, infertility, hysterectomy, spleen removal, gallbladder, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, ovaries, appendix, appendectomy


Laser tattoo removal is considerred to be the safest form of tattoo removal and best for achieving the desired result without painful surgery. The process produces little to no scarring compared to other methods.

Scar Revision: While no scar can be removed completely, plastic surgery can often improve the appearance of a scar, making it less obvious. This can be obtained through the injection or application of certain steroid medications or through surgical procedures known as scar revisions.

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