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Scandinavian Gardening Hand Tools

Gransfors Scandinavian Forest Axe #430 by Gransfors Bruks. $130.00. 2 lb head. Comes with a grain-leather sheath. Includes 20 Year Product Warranty. 3-1/2" face. 25" handle. Professional Forest Axe. Forged to a thin, curved bit and sharpened to make it suitable for cutting branches in fresh, resinous wood. The long handle gives extra strength and power to the cut. 3-1/2" face 25" handle 2 lb head. Premium quality axes, hand-forged at Gränsfors Bruks, a family owne...


'Toke' Flatware By Quistgaard Denmark 1960's Hand forged Danish stainless steel flatware with handles of thick bamboo. Made in Denmark by DANSK.


The mirror collection: Table mirror, wall-mirror, hand-mirror, pocket-mirror One could almost say « this definitely does not look like a scraper to me... », yet again « I have just used my scraper to put on makeup ». This definitely sets the tone for this project! I thought of how odd and funny this could be to look at a mirror that's actually a tool. Instantly, I loved the idea of mixing humour with the functional use of a scraper.These construction tools had just become the inspiration…