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Scandinavian Chefs Knives

Kitchen styling is an art, and in this case, Beth Kirby @local_milk is the artist. Her kitchen display skills are a sharp kitchen knife cut above the rest. She is a chef, photographer and stylist, all rolled into one. #kitchen #kitchendesign #interiordesign #interiors #shelfie #display #openshelving #stylist #stylistguide #chefskitchen #localmilk


A. Jögge Sundqvist. Umea, Sweden. White birch with artist oil paint on handle. 2010br /B. Unknown Swedish wood carver. Purchased at Stockholm/Arlanda Airport Duty Free Shop /C. Mats Sjöberg. Lynkoping, Sweden. Possibly 2001.


From: my scandinavian home: An artists home in Stockholm, Sweden

from The Maker Place

Chef’s Edition Peg Board

Chef’s Edition Peg Board by Kreisdesign. this solid, chunky, beautifully handmade peg board is so clever. It has specially made slots for knives and utensils, shelves for holding pots and spices and pegs for hanging tea towels, scissors and utensils. Great for decluttering your kitchen, adding extra storage and brilliant for a modern Scandinavian style kitchen.


Barbry knives combine scandinavian design and food culture. Stylish knives designed by Aurélien Barbry are available in different sizes for different usages – they are a joy to use and look at.


Design geeks will love it for its Scandinavian verve, home chefs will love how useful the knives are.

from Design Milk

Evercut Knives Only Need Sharpening Every 25 Years

knifes, kitchen, tools, cutting, chop chop. Furtif Evercut Knives Only Need Sharpening Once Every 25 Years


Gerber Folding Shovel ($42). Shun Higo Nokami Personal Folding Stainless-Steel Steak Knife ($95). Leatherman Wave ($68). Helle Eggen Knive ($84). Fiskars Hatchet ($23). Shun Reserve Chef's Knife ($299). Kurki Machette ($24). Hori Hori Garden Knife ($21). AXE Sharpening Diamond ($72). Ian Sinclair Credit Card Knife ($14). Sven Saw ($35). Ruko Skinning Knife ($70). Spyderco Combo Edge Folding Knife ($49-99). Gransfors Scandinavian Forest Axe ($129).