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Scandinavian bread machines

Finnish Pulla Recipe


Dark Rye (Bread Machine)

This turned out great. (I would call it pumpernickel) Not heavy. ~ M Dark Rye (Bread Machine). Photo by Bayhill


Danish Dill or Caraway Bread

Danish Dill or Caraway Bread from From Aebleskiver and - A Sampling of Danish Recipes by Lisa Steen Riggs. Time for dough to rise is not included in Prep Time.


Bauernbrot (German Farmer's Bread)

If you love hearty rye bread, Bauernbrot is for you! This German farmer's bread brings authentic flavor and texture together in one easy to make loaf. |


Oatmeal Molasses Brown Bread

If only I could do justice to the sweet, yeasty, hearty perfume emitting from the oven when these beauties were baking. I could barely restrain myself from loping off a big slice and slathering it with butter…DELICIOUS!