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Saw Vii

French ace Lieutenant Charles Nungesser's Nieuport 24, bearing his personal insignia. Designed to replace the Nieuport 17, it entered service in mid 1917, but was not much faster, and had generally been replaced by the SPAD VII by early 1918 - though Nungesser amongst others preferred the Nieuport design. It saw wide use as an advanced trainer.

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WW1 Royal family rift revealed in stunning portraits

Peacemaker: Queen Victoria, pictured with Kaiser Wilhelm, his mother and Edward VII kept the family united

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Sound and Image Brief



A diagram of the genealogy of the kings of England, including Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Richard III, and Henry VII. England, S. E. (London or Westminster)


1445 ? Jean Fouquet (°1415-1480) "Agnes Sorel" mistress of Charles VII of France (1403-1461). "La Belle Agnès" (1422-1450), the daughter of a soldier, werd beschouwd als de mooiste vrouw van Frankrijk. She entered the life of Charles VII (1403–1461) of France in 1442. She was of the household of Isabelle of Lorraine, wife of King René. When Charles saw her for the first time, he fell madly in love, and had no rest, until he brought her to his court to make her his mistress.

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Tracey Emin's iconic art

Tracy Emin. I loved this chair and concept when I saw it. Great idea and lovely object steeped in memory, future and travel!