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Save The Whales

Carol is crazy... not for the Lizzie thing, that was necessary, but killing Karen and David? She thinks she is tough now but she is just becoming a person without regrets doing things that SHE is only one thinks are ok. And if you are on her side just think of what if Daryl would have been the one sick, sure as hell she would leave him alone or something. Double standars!


Educate yourselves about sea world and their ways of keeping these poor animals captive! Blackfish documentary!

from The Dodo

32-Year-Old Orca Dead After Nearly A Lifetime In Captivity

You can tell that they are in an aquarium pool due to the color of the water, the dorsal fins, and their expressions. Save the whales!!!!

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Be Free art print | Ocean wall art | Whale Painting | Watercolor Lettering

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at


That must be THE LUCKIEST girl in the world! To kiss a humpback whale would be the most amazing moment in life.

The 21 Most Endangered Animals In The World
from The Dodo

The 21 Most Endangered Animals In The World

It is not uncommon nowadays to hear about one or more animals facing the verge of extinction. For as long as the world has been habitable, species have come and gone but nowadays, due to poaching, deforestation and other issues associated with greed and monetary gain, we are now facing a rate of extinction that hasn’t been seen since that of the dinosaurs.