Sausage beans and chips

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Made today with buttermilk & coconut milk ,2 duck eggs , the flour & sugar. Didn;t add oil and sprayed waffle machine with low cal oil spray

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Bangladeshi Spicy Lamb & Tomato Curry This recipe was uploaded by Iamchocolate*~ A member recipe

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Sticky pistachio cake with Seville orange syrup - unfortunately there wasn't an appropriate pic to pin!

For I’ve decided to run a monthly/bimonthly/weekly series called 12 in It will be a list of 12 related items, recipes, slow cooker meals, etc. that will help you along your way in spending less on groceries and being creative in the kitchen!

How many of you do this? I type the ingredients I have in my refrigerator in google and add "recipe" or in this case "soup recipe" and see what comes up. The problem is I often forget to bookmark the recipe and can't find it again. This recipe was super, super delicious. A perfect robust soup for cold nights. The soup recipe I found on this site is called Swiss Chard, White Bean & Sausage Soup. I used cranberry beans I'd cooked a few days ago and added the saved boiling juice. Very…

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