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Satyajit Ray's film posters – in pictures

Devi (The Goddess), 1960: Ray often turned his camera on the dilemmas of women and their position in society. Here, a hallucinatory design illustrates a pivotal scene in his 19th-century period study of religious superstition, when an elderly man dreams his daughter-in-law is the embodiment of the Hindu goddess Kali. Here, the division of the young girl’s face represents her split identity.

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Satyajit Ray (Indian drama director: Pather Panchali [Song of the Road, 1955], Aparajito [The Unvanquished, 1956], Apur Sansar [The World of Apu, 1959], Jalsaghar [The Music Room, 1959], Devi [1960]).

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10 Movies That Inspire Travel

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Satyajit Ray’s cover design for the book "Khai Khai" by Sukumar Ray.

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