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Marina and the Diamonds is generally very satirical about gender and media, but she does conform to societal standards for a girl by wearing makeup and dressing "girly". This shows that femininity is defined by makeup and clothing (often times of the pink variety).

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Urban street art on these Banksy birthday cards imaged from his world famous graffiti artworks of banksy cards from paintings

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Woman's magazine be like: Page 14: you're beautiful the way you are Page 15: How to lose Weight fast 16: Cake recipePage

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A Cake in Danger. Rowlandson (1757-1827) (etcher) 20 Apr 1806 A hand-coloured print of a 'cake' or a naive young man falling prey to the charms of two prostitutes, one of whom steals a handkerchief from the man's pocket. Meanwhile, a Nightwatchman holding a truncheon and with a clay pipe in his hat, leans on the lower half of the door to his sentry box, asleep, oblivious to what is happening.

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Satura Cakes wedding cake at Clos LaChance Winery wedding // Ahava Studios

Geode Wedding Cakes Are the Next Big Trend

A rich, royal purple (or deep navy) plus the shine of gold leaf makes this geode wedding cake a bit more formal.

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