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Satanic Ritual Abuse

Check out this cool episode:


CIA's Bourne identity plot

FILM PARALLEL: Matt Damon as the CIA agent and reprogrammed killer Bourne - MKUltra victims sue US government


The International Spy Museum is a privately owned museum that hosts exhibits and other events on the history of spies, spying, intelligence tradecraft and so on. Conceived in 1996 - coincidentally just as the CIA adopted a more overt approach to domestic propaganda - and opened in 2002 - coincidentally a crucial year for CIA domestic propaganda - it has grown a strong reputation for itself in the years since then. Financed by The Malrite Company and the District of Columbia, The…

from the Guardian

Consultation on mandatory reporting of child abuse ‘has been buried’

Home Office unenthusiastic about bringing in a system that it fears would lead to an increase in referrals, say campaigners

Łukasz Poślad - Infanticide- deeply disturbing in so many ways. In ritual abuse victims must take vows to never speak of the cult for fear of death or torture.


July Birthstone: Ruby. A glorious, red gemstone - part of the corundum family, which includes sapphires. Rubies are a symbol of passion and good fortune.