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How to Make a Sashay Scarf--This is a great video tutorial on how to make this scarf. Looks very easy.


drop stitch with sashay yarn - I so want to know how to make this scarf. WAY COOL


Finger crocheted icord scarf | Planet June


I made this in about 30 minutes. I needed a gift really quick. Chain entire skein of Red Heart Sashay. Find center of chain. Place center at back of neck and wrap, alternating sides leaving about 2 ft at each end. Wrap around all chains on each...


This new and improved sashay scarf pattern is easy to follow and gives a clean finished, well ruffled and full look. No flat sides and nearly invisible stitches. FREE pattern.


10 minute Scarf uses Red Heart Sashay yarn. Crochet


Donna's Dozen: Sashay Twelve Different Ways | Red Heart

2 different ways to crochet Sashay ruffle scarf (+playlist) The 2nd way ends up looking more like a traditional knitted scarf.

Ways to Wear Sashay Scarf | fun way to wear a scarf | Clothing I love :)