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Seventeen days after the 1st assassination attempt on Gerald Ford; as he left the St. Francis Hotel in downtown San Francisco, Sara Jane Moore, standing in a crowd of onlookers across the street, pointed her .38-caliber revolver at him. Moore fired a single round but missed because the sights were off.


In Sondheim's "Assassins", Sara Jane Moore shares a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken with Squeaky Fromme before they take turns shooting at it. At the time, I couldn't find a period plastic keepsake...

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Sara Jane Moore released from prison…President Ford…assassination attempt…

September 22, 1975 – U.S. President Gerald Ford survives a second assassination attempt, this time by Sara Jane Moore in San Francisco.

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Sara Jane Moore Tried To Assassinate President Ford, Discusses Attempt And Spending 32 Years In Jail (VIDEO)

SARA JANE MOORE (1930- ). Attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford as he left the St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco CA, September 22, 1975. (September was clearly a bad month for Ford and the Secret Service.)