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US moves closer to production of 'smart' precision-guided nuke

Tyler Keil, lead engineer for a test series using Sandia National Laboratories’ Davis gun,...

A Sandia National Laboratories research team developed a new type of specialized electrochemical sensor that theoretically can detect multiple unrelated ch

from Mail Online

Governement to test tritium in raduical fusion reactor

The Z Machine at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico is one of the most powerful radiation sources in the world – and with tritium, it will emit 500 times more energy than it’s capable of now.

Fig. 1 – Sandia National Laboratories researcher Jason Wheeler demonstrates a liner aimed at helping prosthetic limbs fit better. The project has worked with several different types of prosthetic limbs. (Credit: Randy Montoya)

Researchers have developed mammalian “zombie” cells that can actually function more effectively after dying. (Photo courtesy of Sandia National Laboratories)


This is the Z Machine, part of the Pulsed Power Program at the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, US. It's the most powerful and efficient laboratory radiation source on Earth. Read more:

This video shows a conceptual design created by Sandia National Laboratories for their "Multi-Modal Vehicle Concept," which is a single unmanned system capable of flying, swimming, driving, and hopping across a variety of terrains and obstacles. Sandia's Intelligent Systems, Robotics, & Cybernetics (ISRC) department has built and conducted limited testing on conceptual hardware. According to researchers, testing has shown that the concept could soon be a reality.

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Solar eclipse – in pictures

Solar eclipse: The solar eclipse is reflected at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility