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This is the Z Machine, part of the Pulsed Power Program at the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, US. It's the most powerful and efficient laboratory radiation source on Earth. Read more:

New Way to Cool Data Centers: Many current HVAC systems require millions of gallons of water to cool large data centers. Sandia National Laboratories is designing a prototype system that could save up to five million gallons per year of groundwater. Engineering360 takes an up-close look at the system and its design features.

US moves closer to production of 'smart' precision-guided nuke

Tyler Keil, lead engineer for a test series using Sandia National Laboratories’ Davis gun,...

Fig. 1 – Sandia National Laboratories researcher Jason Wheeler demonstrates a liner aimed at helping prosthetic limbs fit better. The project has worked with several different types of prosthetic limbs. (Credit: Randy Montoya)

Biologists Create 'Zombie Cells' In The Lab Which Outperform Living Counterparts

US researchers developed a process that coats a living cell with silica ‘armor’, creating a near-identical inorganic duplicate. This ‘zombie cell’ technique has the potential for building complex nano-scale machines using life as blueprint.


Column: The biggest paradox Rick Perry faces at the Department of Energy

The Z Machine at DOE’s Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the largest X-ray generator in the world. Photo by Randy Montoya, Sandia National Laboratories/via Flickr

The National Solar Test Facility at Sandia National Laboratories [4288 x 2848]

Sandia National Laboratories - Simulation and Gaming Terrain Team