Rabbit digging box! Great for bunnies that like to dig carpet or participate in other sorts of bunstruction. Easy to store and fun for buns! DIY sandbox and rabbit toy

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How to make a giant outdoor chalkboard for your yard. This is such a perfect outdoor activity for the kids and it has held up for over 2 years!

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Leave plastic animals in a bin outside (near the garden, next to the sandbox, next to a patch of trees, etc) -- when children go outside to play, they can use them and let their imaginations run wild! My recommendation: the children should only play with these toys outside -- that way, they'll look forward to playing outside -- make sure they run around too ;) GG

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What better way to keep your kids occupied for hours – oh the pain when you accidentally jab your toe with the spade though!

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Digging dog? Create a sandbox just for his digging! I like the idea of the short wall surrounding to keep the sand IN the sandbox!

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Incy Wincy spider- exploring pipes and spiders in the sand. How creative! Children can work on story re-tell as well.

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Small tent made into a sandbox..very cute, and can be zipped up at night to keep critters out..so cool.

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Vintage Toys 1970 | Vintage Toy 1970 80s Tonka Turbo Diesel Metal Dump Truck | eBay

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