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Naiche & his wife Ha-o-zinne. - In 1880, Naiche traveled to Mexico with Geronimo's band, to avoid forced relocation to the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. They surrendered in 1883 but escaped the reservation in 1885, back into Mexico. They were captured in 1886, and Naiche and others were imprisoned in Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida.

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San Carlos de Bariloche

View of the 7 Lakes Circuit in Bariloche, Argentina. For more things to do, check:

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San Carlos

Fly over Algodones Beach in this beautiful video in San Carlos Sonora Mexico. We lived off the beach in a hotel, after moving three times, the first in a diving hut off the cliffs. Second on the gulf course in a house, third in the hotel.....nice.

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Hacienda Tetakawi

Beautiful San Carlos Sonora Mexico. Read more about San Carlos at


An abalone is a very large sea snail. Abalones are a different shape to most snails - they have a wide, flat shell. You can still see the spiral shape in their shell. Abalones are caught and eaten as food, and their shells are used to make jewellery.