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Pair of Vintage Samuel Ward Sticker Mods - Panda Bear in Overalls and Cow 80's Collectible

Uber employees 'spied on ex-partners politicians and Beyoncé'. Cab startups former forensic investigator Samuel Ward Spangenberg claims he was fired from the company after blowing whistle on lack of security.

Lilly Pulitzer Picture Frame 5x7 Samuel Ward Blue yellow pink Rare Vintage New #LillyPulitzer #Tropical

Board Game Kensington NEW SEALED In BOX not LP Samuel Ward Company 1979 Original

Kensington Board Game NEW SEALED In BOX not LP Samuel Ward Company 1979 Original #SamuelWardCo

(10 Quotes from Valley Forge). The Yellow Springs Hospital, the first in the country to be built specially as a military hospital, was located about ten miles from the Valley Forge encampment. The hospital, which was under the direction of Dr. Samuel Kennedy, cared for hundreds of soldiers from Valley Forge. About 2,000 soldiers died during that Valley Forge winter, most of them perishing, not at camp, but at Yellow Springs and other nearby (and other not-so-nearby) hospitals. Dr. Samuel…

Oldest Draft of King James Bible Discovered, Historian Says

Pages of the notebook in which Samuel Ward translated an updated version of the King James Bible's Apocrypha section.

Katharine Lee Bates visited Colorado only once, but that was enough. She took home to Massachusetts a memory that led her to write, “America the Beautiful.” The poem, inspired by a trip to the top of Pikes Peak in 1893, was wildly popular and became a cultural fixture once it was set to the music of Samuel Ward. Katharine taught literature at Wellesley College for forty years.

Self appointed arbiter of NYC's Gilded Age Society. Samuel "Ward" McAllister, (December c.1827 - January 31st, c.1895 - New Years Eve). He became a social companion to, "The" Mrs. Caroline Astor. McAllister created the list of "The 400". The socially acceptable members of society. ~ "The Late Ward McAllister" on the cover of The Sketch magazine, February 8th, c.1895. He fell out of favor with Caroline Astor, when he wrote the tell-all book, "Society As I Have Found It", c.1890. ~ {cwl}