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Sample Ballot

Tool: | Vote-USA | Candidate Comparisons for US Elections, Custom Sample Ballots | This tool creates a sample ballot for upcoming elections based on your address or 9-digit zip code.

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When is the Majority not a Majority

When is the Majority not a Majority? - Atar Life

States that use an open primary There are 14 states that use a purely open primary process: Alabama Arkansas Hawaii Michigan Minnesota Missouri Montana North Dakota South Carolina Tennessee Vermont Virginia Wisconsin An open primary is a primary election in which any registered voter can vote in any party's primary. Voters choose which primary to vote in, and do not have to be a member of that party in order to vote.

Find out how to register to vote, get sample ballots, and be prepared to vote this November by finding your state here: Ballotpedia has LOTS of information about elected officials and candidates for office to help you get informed: In which John discusses the great shame of my life, the six explanations eligible voters most commonly cited for not voting, and the importance of doing the work (and it is work!) to…


How California's U.S. Senate ballot could cause problems for the June 7 primary

Michigan Secretary of State, information in voter registration, local ballots, state-wide proposals and sample ballots

#MrPolitics reports on '2014 General Election Sample Ballot'; via @DMVDailyNews