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Tool: | Vote-USA | Candidate Comparisons for US Elections, Custom Sample Ballots | This tool creates a sample ballot for upcoming elections based on your address or 9-digit zip code.

Have conversations about our values & community needs, fill out a sample ballot together to get educated about local elections, and make a plan to go vote o

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Housewarming Party – On a Budget

New house announcement or maybe housewarming party invite? Love this!

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When is the Majority not a Majority

When majority is not really a majority! What a great read!

When is the Majority not a Majority? - Atar Life

States that use an open primary There are 14 states that use a purely open primary process: Alabama Arkansas Hawaii Michigan Minnesota Missouri Montana North Dakota South Carolina Tennessee Vermont Virginia Wisconsin An open primary is a primary election in which any registered voter can vote in any party's primary. Voters choose which primary to vote in, and do not have to be a member of that party in order to vote.

Enhanced Sample Ballot for November 8, 2016 Indiana General Election, US House…

Madison County, IL-Voter Information Search Find out the following information by entering your information below: * Registration Status * Precinct * Polling Place * Voting Districts and Elected Officials * Sample Ballot *Names with more than one uppercase letter may have a space where you normally do not have one


How California's U.S. Senate ballot could cause problems for the June 7 primary

Sample ballots for Senate race

Donald Trump is Encouraging Intimidation and Racial Profiling at the Polls