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"I had a friend once. We ran together when I was little and I thought we were the same. When we grew up, we weren’t. And now she’s trying to tear the world apart and I can’t run fast enough to hold it together."

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Doctor Who: The connection between Clara and the Autons

This is crazy. Eleven was watching the funeral of Clara's mother on that same day that Nine was taking Rose away.


Worzel Gummidge, not necessarily my favourite film but it does make me laugh.


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"And so for ever, day and night the same,.. Years flying swiftly nowhere, like a game.. Played random by a madman, without end.. Or any reasoned object but to spend.. What is unspendable -- Eternal Woe!.. O Weariness of Time that fast or slow.. Goes never further, never has in view.. An ending to the thing it seeks to do,.. The shores of many stars and passing on,.. Careless of what may come or what has gone..." ksc The Lonely God by James Stephens

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Doctor Who Challenge - Day 5 Favorite Alien: Ood [since I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to repeat Jack (my fave companion), and the Silurians & Adipose aren't technically aliens]


I felt the same way! I was disappointed when I found out that Rose was in it, be she wasn't herself and wouldn't see Ten. But in the grand scheme of things, she played an incredibly important role in The Day of the Doctor... But then again, Rose and Ten were my favorite


After re-watching his series I did fall in love with Nine. 'Everybody lives, Rose, just this once. Everybody lives!'


Mark Sheppard, everyone. I saw him on a rerun of Doctor Who the other day and was freaking out. I didn't remember him on the show, the Doctor should have killed him before he became the king of hell.