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Sam Son

[gifset] Crowley cares about his boys...>> Dean spends so much time hating Crowley (not totally undeserved), but Crowley has really helped them out in a handful of clutch situations... He's got my vote for King of Hell


Samuel Dean or first son Dean and second son Sam...


supernatural... Someone needs to get me this :)


14 of the Most Underrated Travel Destinations in the World

Baobás. Tão gigantescos, fortes....e só tiram da terra oque necessitam.Nobres no sentido mais profundo de existir!

Poor Dean, strongest, toughest guy in the universe, and poor guy has to face his only human fear!

from Geek Native

Rule 63 Supernatural: Female Dean, Sam and Castiel

GROUP COSPLAY fem!Supernatural gang (Supernatural)<<< Finally one where they're not all wearing unnecessary heels that are like five inches tall. These people are hunters. Do you think they have time to get their stilettos stuck in the mud as they run after demons. Aw hell naw.


Childrens & Baby Reversible Dungarees Boys (Ages 6-9mths and 9-12mths)