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Little White Lies 13 - The Control Issue

Sam Riley. Yeah, it's the freaking raven in Maleficent that is my second favorite character! Maleficent is my absolute favorite, and the Prince just had too much of a baby face for me.

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(FC; Sam Riley) The nickname's D. Im a superhuman, but I prefer to not use my powers. They suck anyways. I mean, who need the ability to talk to squirrels? I have some other powers, too, but I really am useless. But put a gun in my hand and watch me be deadly. If I go down, it'll be in a rain of bullets and with as many people that I can.

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Sam Riley - in pictures

Credit: Jason Hetherington "Brad Pitt said he was glad he got too old to play Sal because it would have been too much pressure"Coa...

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Sam Riley as Ian Curtis in Control. Ah, Brits. #joydivision

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Sam Riley

Pin for Later: The 26 British Actors You'll Want on Your Radar in 2016 Sam Riley

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