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I hope you enjoy this Color by Word Freebie for Sam, Come Back!Cute graphics and border from:Free Your Heart and My Cute GraphicsThanks!Learning With A Smile_________Reading Street FreebieSpellingGrade 1Color by WordSam, Come Back!


Reading Street Common Core Supplement FREEBIE Color by Word for SAM, COME BACK! - Unit 1.1This color by word freebie will give your students some extra practice working with their spelling words. This freebie uses the first grade spelling words that are introduced with the Reading Street Common Core (2013) story, SAM, COME BACK!


This file contains all 3 decodables for the Reading Street story, "Sam, Come Back!" I have turned each decodable into a 2 page activity that can be done whole group, small group, with partners or independent. The first page contains the story and practice with the phonics skill for the story.