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From Dusk Till Dawn - Two criminals and their hostages hideout in a bar inadvertently populated with vampires, with disastrous results. Seth: "Peachy, Kate. The world’s my oyster, except for the fact that I just rammed a wooden stake in my brother’s heart because he turned into a vampire, even though I don’t believe in vampires. Aside from that unfortunate business, everything’s hunky-dory. "

5 Fools Rush In: Matthew Perry, Salma Hayek, Jon Tenney, Carlos Gómez, Tomas Milian, Siobhan Fallon, John Bennett Perry, Stanley DeSantis, Suzanne Snyder, Anne Betancourt, Jill Clayburgh, Angelina Torres, Robbie Greenberg, Andy Tennant, Anna Maria Davis, Doug Draizin, Michael McDonnell, Steven P. Saeta, Joan Taylor, Katherine Reback: Movies & TV

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Puss in Boots (2011)

Puss in Boots (2011) a film by Chris Miller + MOVIES + Antonio Banderas + Salma Hayek + Zach Galifianakis + Billy Bob Thornton + Amy Sedaris + cinema + Animation + Adventure + Comedy