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The anatomy of a productive sales representative in a cool, quick infographic.


5 Reasons Your B2B Leads say No. Learn how to overcome those objections and move towards the right ones.


If your mailing list includes verified phone numbers, a common response is to have your sales representatives begin cold calling that list. The practice of cold calling is often bogged down by outdated techniques that, more often than not, turn off prospects rather than engaging their interest. If you want your sales leads to live up to their full potential, make sure your sales staff doesn’t commit any of these cold calling faux pas.

Anatomía de los buenos comerciales | The Anatomy of a Top Perform Salesman « Infografías de Marketing
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Anatomía de los buenos comerciales

Anatomía de los buenos comerciales | The Anatomy of a Top Perform Salesman « Infografías de Marketing


35 Top Sales Job Interview Questions

Sales industry careers have remained static for the most part in recent decades. Majority of sale professionals are hired under 1099 contractor agreements and considered full time employees with paid benefits plus commissions. Most companies do not consider hiring outside sale representatives due to the expenses incurred for compensation and travel. Inside sales allow for


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On average, one of your sales representatives will invest nearly half of their time practicing for upcoming meetings or presentations. Of course some preparation is necessary, but if you had more sales enablement- more time with a sales rep in front of a promising client- you would no doubt have more sales. Yes, practicing for hours a day may lead to a perfect pitch but that doesn't mean much if there is no sales enablement. #Infographics

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Five More Tips - New Avon Representatives

Five More Tips for New Avon Sales Representatives


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