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littlemissbento: [Ice Monster Japan Sakura menu] Even the Ice Monster in Japan is so uniquely awesome. Check out their limited time Sakura flavour milk kakigori on the menu. Super fluffy soft shaved ice of delicate cherry blossom flavour topped with fresh sakura whip sakura flower flakes dango and azuki red beans. Serving was generous too good to share between 2-3 pax. Conveniently located at Omotesando Tokyo. They also recently opened in Osaka. #かき氷 #アイスモンスター #アイス #春の味…


Sakura at Sake no Hana, St James's London

Realistic sakura. japan cherry

Realistic sakura. japan cherry.. Wedding Card Templates. $8.00

o0582253613811835496.jpg (582×2536)

o0582253613811835496.jpg (582×2536)

いか飯 / IKA MESHI (Stuffed rice Squid Simmer with Special Dashi soy sauce}

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival - Martha Stewart visits EN Japanese Brassiere restaurant to experience the traditional Sakura Festival and special menu.