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金鳳山 平林寺

Heirin-ji is a Rinzai temple of the Myoshin-ji branch located in Niiza city, Saitama prefecture, Japan, a city just outside of Tokyo

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Kawagoe Matsuri – This Weekend

If you are in the Kanto area (basically Tokyo and all the surrounding prefectures) this weekend you can do worse than spending it in the Saitama prefecture city of Kawagoe: It is time for the annual and massive Kawagoe Matsuri, easily one of the most accessible of the grand local festivals outside of Tokyo and the place to go to see the massive dashi as they are pulled around by teams of townspeople.

Japanese castles I've visited: #78 Oshi Castle in Saitama Prefecture. A nice little castle with some beautiful surroundings.

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Barbequed fish stand, Autumn Festival, Kawagoe, Saitama prefecture, Japan

20 Best Hanabi Events in Japan - Chichibu Night Festival December 2 to December 3, Saitama, Chichibu A rare winter hanabi and matsuri in Chichibu City, Saitama prefecture. The fireworks show lasts over 2 hours. One of Japan's best matsuri.

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