Rather than purchasing a palm tree mural or paying someone to paint one on your wall, take on the project yourself -- you'll save money while exercising a little creativity in the process. Painting this iconic symbol of tropical scenery can be accomplished with basic equipment and modest artistic skills, whether your goal is to create a somewhat realistic scene, cartoon-style trees or silhouettes similar to what you see when watching a sunset on the beach.

Top 10 Cold Hardy Palms Com. Palm Name Scientific Name Zone Min Temp. Cabbage- Sabal palmetto 8a-11 10 to 15 F CA Fan- WAnia filifera 8a-11 15 to 20 F Chinese Fan- Livistona chinensis 8a-11 10 to 15 F EU Fan- Chamaerops humilis 7b-11 5 to 10 F Mex. Fan- WAnia robusta 8b-11 15 to 20 F Needle- Rhapidophyllum hystrix 5b-11 -15 to -10 F Pindo- Butia capitata 7b-11 5 to 10 F Sago- Cycas revoluta 7b-11 5 to 10 F Saw Palmetto- Serenoa repens 7a-11 0 to 5 F Windmill- Trachycarpus fortune 7b-11 5 to…

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Sago Palm Fronds: Information On Sago Palm Leaf Tips Curling - It isn’t a true palm, but sago palm fronds resemble those of palm trees, and caring for a sago palm is similar to caring for a true palm. Sago palm leaf tips curling is a sign of stress and its causes can be found here.

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