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Current Perspectives in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Behavior SAGE Publications, Inc

5 ways to use dark and strong colours in your home

Unconventional colour ideas need to be brought back into the home decoration scene. Stop being afraid of strong colour schemes, take the roller and the paint tray -or call a professional painter- and start beautifying your home with a bright shade. Merge furniture and walls into one colour scheme.

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DLoaB- Cool Stuff

WHAT?! Wordpress, you have failed me! I scheduled your publication!!!!! Anyway, Sage here, checking in for duty! I love funny pictures, and I am a firm supporter of clean humor! So, I'll include pi...

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Becoming an Academic Writer | SAGE Publications Ltd

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Groundwater-Smith, S. (2015) Participatory research with children and young people. London: SAGE Publications

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Hollandaise, a font based on Hollandse Mediaeval, a Dutch typeface designed by S.H. de Roos in 1912.

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Participatory Action Research (Qualitative Research Methods),

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Sage Publications has announced that an article by Professor Necip Sahinkaya, professor of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing (SEC) is one of their five top cited articles of the past five years.

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Culture and Identity | SAGE Publications Inc

Great book! Wendy continues to find out more about her self and what she will have to sacrifice to save her people.

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Amazing glass that tints on demand is now solar powered

Amazing glass that tints on demand is now solar powered | We heard about this glass that tints according to how much light it is exposed to; now it is being run on solar power! [Solar Power: Future Energy:]

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Manuscript Submission Guidelines | SAGE Publications Inc

Feminist Movement in Germany H (SSTCH) SAGE Publications

Psychoanalysis in Focus (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Focus Series) 1st Edition by Smith, David Livingstone published by Sage Publications Ltd Paperback

Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo by Bazeley, Patricia Published by SAGE Publications Ltd 2nd (second) edition (2013) Paperback

What i like most about these spread designs is the lack of words. The photo is the main focus of the spread.

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