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This a phenom price! I bought it once before and it's wonderful. The fragrance alone fills the room. Spicy World Pure Spanish Mancha Saffron Acrylic Box, 5-Gram Package

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Organic India Saffron Thread Kesar 2 Gram Buy Online at lowest price in India:

The best prices for saffron are to be found online and the best advice is to buy the best saffron which is grade 1 Iranian sargol saffron spice which can be found at the very best price per gram an…

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Saffron quality: Sargol Producer: Saffronexpert Crop: Nov. 2014 Volume: 4,60 gram Packing: gift boxes Size: 10.5 X 4.5 X 4.5 cm Saffron threads - Sargol All white and orange parts are removed so that only single red tips of the stamin remain. Here is the intensive fragrance and its pronounced colour the typical features of the Sargol. #safran #saffron #زعفران

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Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, has sold in recent years for as much as $2,700 per pound! The price tag is so high because it must be harvested by hand and it takes more than 75,000 threads, or filaments, of the crocus flower to equal one pound of the spice! Most saffron comes from Iran, Turkey, India, Morocco, Spain, and Greece. Prices vary depending on the quality and the amount, but high-quality saffron has been known to go for as much as $15 per gram (0.035 ounces).

Price $18.99 - Spanish Saffron threads Spice Islands Glass Jar Good in risotto, paella, French and Spanish stews. 1 gram Best By Nov 2014...

Organic India Saffron Thread ( Kesar ) 2 Gram Buy Online at Best Price in India:

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