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To go from talking every day and giving each other that "kick today's ass" motivation to nothing...I can't take back that day but if I could I'd do it in a heartbeat and now that heartbeat I'd give is gone because there is nothing left. It's shattered on the floor and I don't have anything left to pick up the pieces.

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I start to feel doubt and shame ive never felt so alone without you in my life. But I love you and trust time will bring you back

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The missing replies especially from those we like, care about are answers to questions in themselves and something we learn to accept somehow.

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Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

emotions always hit the hardest at night...pain and grief just seem to well up and finally hit us when we know that no one is watching.

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i was once sad and lonely having nobody to comfort me, so I wore a mask that always smiled to hide my feelings behind a lie #anime #quote

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I was perfectly okay with the way you loved, heck I had a huge head start and never expected or demanded you to catch up. I am not sure if that was one of your "fears", but it shouldn't have been.

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