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Pagan Beliefs P4 Pagan Customs Individuality reigns supreme in paganism but there are few widespread customs. Sanctity of nature, environmental concerns acceptance and social responsibly are the bases of the few customs, which are more frequently practiced. There are no prohibitions within the philosophy and no dietary requirements. There are no laws of blasphemy - conflict remain between concerned individuals. There are no penance's or religious punishments.


Hand Embroidered Patch | UNLUCKY | Red Rose Black Banner | Wool Blend Felt Sew On Patch, Badge ~ 9"


The Gatehouse of Norwich Cathedral, Norwich, England posted by


Station 2: with writing about how we would feel in Jesus' place - TBD shape to…

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Photographer captures terrifying image of smiling great white shark

Simply terrifying: Marine biologist Chris Perkins photographed the great white shark in So...


Drugs, money hoes Mi vida loca That's the only life I know That the only life I want Dem man claim they live it but they don't Dem Man claim they're bout it But they Aren't

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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Map & Binoculars (with FREE Printable) (Buggy and Buddy)

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Map & Binoculars (with FREE Printable)


The haircloth goes over the chest area to provide extra shape and firmness. Both hair cloth and hair canvas contain hair from the manes and tails of horses. This makes them very pliable and easily shaped under steam pressure and it retains this shape after pressing. The difference between the two is the amount of hair in the fabric and the hair cloth has about 5 times as much hair. You probably have heard of doing penance by wearing a "hairshirt". The hair is more like wire than thread…

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The #Native American culture is a perfect example of one that is totally SPIRITUAL without religion!